A time you were not able to use your phone

Talk about a time you were not able to use your phone

You should say:

  • When was it ?
  • Where the place was ?
  • Why you were not able to use your phone?
  • and explain, Why you needed to use your phone?

Sample Answer: (A time you were not able to use your phone)

Mobile phones are very important and it has become an indispensable part of our lives. Now-a-day, We can’t even think a single day of our life without mobile phones. From morning to night we use mobile phones on almost all occasions in our life. But sometimes there are some places where cellphone can be very disturbing. For example, It can be an educational institute, classes, religious places, and hospitals. Now I am going to talk about a time when I was not able to use my mobile phone.

It was around three months ago, My uncle had come to visit here from the USA for a few weeks and he wanted to do some shopping for her daughter’s wedding. He stayed here at our house for a few days. One day, his family wanted to visit the nearby big Temple on the weekend. So we went to visit the place. There was a long queue to enter the place as many people came there for enjoying their weekend.

So after waiting for around an hour we were able to enter. The guards warned us not to use our mobile phone as this is a holy place and everyone should keep silent. And also there were notices everywhere. But suddenly, I got a call from my mother and my phone was ringing. It was a very embarrassing moment for me as everyone was looking at me.

As the guard warned us before I was not able to answer the call. So I put my mobile phone in silent/vibrate mode. But my mother kept calling a few times. I can not able to go out because there were two gates, one for entry and one for the exit so If I go out I will not able to re-enter until next 1-2 hours. So I waited and we stayed there for an hour.

Finally, we got our of the temple and I can use my phone again. I called my mother. She was very worried as I didn’t answer her call. But I assured her we are safe. Nothing to worry. So after that, we went to the nearby market. Bought some dress and local handicraft items. we also went to a restaurant and ate some delicious food. Finally, we came back home.

So that was one time when I was not able to use my phone.

A time you were not able to use your phone

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