An interesting animal

Talk about an interesting animal.

You should say:

  • What is the name of the animal?
  • When did you saw the animal?
  • How does the animal look like?
  • And, Why this animal is interesting?

Sample Answer (An interesting animal)

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about an interesting animal. I love all animals in general. But I mostly love dogs, cats, deer, cows, elephants, etc. But among the animals, the elephant seems to be very interesting to me.

The elephant is one of the largest animals and it is a very interesting animal. At first, I saw elephants in my childhood. Once I went to visit a circus in the village fair and there I saw two elephants were showing circus. They were playing different kinds of games which attract me very much and it was very interesting to me that they were following their owner’s command. I was very surprised to see that and I was thinking about how an animal can understand people. Later I asked my father and he told me that the elephants were trained. This was very interesting to me.

Elephants are found in several countries in the world including India, Thailand, Bangladesh Sri-Lanka, Australia, and many other countries. In general, the elephant is a wild animal and they usually live in forests and hill areas. My interest towards the elephant was from my childhood and I learned about elephants a lot from several tv programs and articles from the internet. I also watched many documentaries about the elephants on online platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Elephants have a lot of interesting facts and some of the facts are really unique. They are very big a and the baby animal is also usually born in a long size at around 3 feet tall and almost 90 Kilogram weight.

An adult elephant eats about 170-kilogram foods and 80 to 85 liters of water. Sometimes in the rainy season, this amount increases to 200 Kilograms. Another interesting fact is and elephants can walk without and noise because they have soft cushions under their foot.

Elephants are also a very social animals. They follow rules and regularity of their society and the most interesting fact is the mother elephants teach their baby about the rules and responsibility of their society which is exactly the same as humans.

These are the reason why I like the elephant.

An interesting animal

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