Study – Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

Topic: Study – Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

Question: What do you study?

Answer: I am currently studying (BBA/Engineering/MBA) from the (Your Institution name). My Major is (your major subject name).

Question: Where do you study that?

Answer: I am studying in (Your university name). This is one of the renowned university/institution in this country.

Question: Why did you choose that subject?

Answer: I have chosen this subject because my brother studied this subject and since my childhood, he was my idol and that’s why my interest in this subject has grown up from an early age.

Question: Is it a popular subject in your country?

Answer: Yes, this is a very popular subject in my country. As this subject has bright future students choose this subject. They can have a good career if they study this subject. So that’s why this is quite a popular subject in my country.

Question: Do you like that subject?

Answer: Of course, I like my subject. The books are very interesting to read and I have my interest in this subject since my childhood.

Question: Do you get on with your friends?

Answer: Yes! I believe have a strong relationship with my friends. They are very helpful to me and I also help them as far as I can. We are very friendly to each other and we look forward to helping if someone needed it.

Question: What was your first day like?

Answer: I vividly remember this day. I was very nervous on the first day as I do not know any of them. I was feeling down. But as the orientation class began I meet some students from my class and I talked with each other. After a few minutes, I started to feel comfortable. They are still my best friend and I remember the day very well.

Question: What are the main aspects of your academic subject?

Answer: As I mentioned earlier, My subject is very popular among young people in my country because it has a good future. the main aspects of my subjects are (Talk about your subject, The main thing about your subject, Main aspects).

Question: If you had the chance, would you change the subject?

Answer: No, I would never change my subject. I love my subject very much and not going to change my subject for anything.

Question: Do you plan to get a job in the same field as your subject?

Answer: Yes. I am planning to get a job in the same field. My brother who already completed his graduation in this subject is now working in a multinational company for a handsome salary. I expect I will also get a good job related to my subject after my graduation.

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